Private Equity


RE Capital Partners Capital  is pleased to offer a new service for real estate operators who seek equity for their projects.  If you and your property qualify, we will actively engage with you to raise what you need to close your project.   We can help you secure $5 million to over $100 million of capital.

RE Capital Partners Capital serves as a partner in the acquisition or recapitalization of select income properties.

For established property management firms, we can arrange for new equity, either to acquire new properties, or to inject capital into end-of-life-cycle projects.Real Estate Investment Funds

For example, if an apartment operator wishes to return capital to the original investors, we can arrange for new capital while allowing the original investors to retain a partial ownership while the apartment operator retains management.

Or, we can assist the operator in the acquisition of new properties.

We work with apartments, hotels/motels, retail, and self-storage operators.

If you would like to discuss your project please contact us for a confidential discussion.

Real Estate Equity Placement

RE Capital Partner’s investment philosophy is to seek transactions where it can draw upon its years of experience and industry knowledge to structure and close transactions quickly and creatively. Our team’s experience encompasses all aspects of real estate including acquisition, syndication, equity placement, workouts, financing, legal, management, development, leasing, and construction management. Our talent has enabled us to implement our strategy with many clients across a broad spectrum of property types.