Pre-Syndication Funding Opportunities

RE Capital Partners is pleased to announce a new program for accredited investors: our Capital Matching Program.    We are making “seed capital” investments in well-vetted, well-established real estate syndicators who wish to take advantage of certain crowdfund portals.

What we do is provide funding for costs that a real estate operator must normally expend prior to offering shares in crowdfund portals.

As an example, a real estate operator has a shopping center under contract.   The operator determines that the property will require $3 million in equity.    Through consultation with us, we structure the fundraising with a well-known crowdfunding company.   The costs of putting the offering together, and marketing the offering to retail investors will be about $100,000.

We provide that $100,000 in the form of a joint-venture investment with the real estate operator.    Because we are “first in” with money, our $100,000 earns a higher return than other investor will receive once the property is crowdfunded.

For more information on the program, please see this page.