Investment Capital

For developers and operators of commercial and multifamily real estate projects, RE Capital Partners Capital can arrange for investment capital from $250,000 to over $100 million.

RE Capital Partners Capital (HPC), made up of a team of real estate professionals who average over 35 years experience, arranges for investment in real estate assets, primarily in the traditional commercial and multifamily sectors, as well as those which require specialized skills and market knowledge.   We look for historically recession-resistant cash flows, strong demographic growth and areas of fragmented ownership.

We pursue an investment approach that seeks to identify deals with motivated parties and strong flow-through performance to our investor pools.

These can include underperforming assets or assets that can be transformed through a value-add approach, as well as stabilized properties with attractive cap rates.

With a focus on capital preservation and risk-adjusted return, we seek investments that generate immediate cash yields with significant additional growth potential.

We arrange for investment capital for experienced operators as well as real estate entrepreneurs who may not have had sufficient experience to attract their own pool of investors.    Our target investment is generally $250K to $5 million.    Our participation includes a small retainer fee along with a residual ownership interest in the property.

For more information on RE Capital Partners’s real estate private equity investing, please contact us.