Equity Placement

RE Capital Partners, LLC is pleased to announce its equity placement services.   We assist real commercial real estate operators who require capital to acquire new projects, or to buy out existing partners.

Our strength lies in our ability to engineer deals involving multiple parties, always with our client’s interests in mind.Our expertise ranges from multifamily properties to self-storage facilities, office and retail, single family REO and nonperforming notes.

For our clients seeking equity, we actively source capital through joint ventures, and through online underwriters of Rule 506 Offerings (sometimes referred to as crowd funding).

A nationally aligned organization, RE Capital Partners Capital prides itself on strong relationships and current knowledge of each market players’ appetites and underwriting criteria.

Above all, we value relationships. They are the core of our business. We align ourselves with our clients and partners with a long-term view. To this end we work hard to clearly establish the fundamental rules which guide every transaction.