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Walter deMilly

Mr. deMilly, senior advisor to RE Capital Partners, has put together over $500 million in syndicated real estate transactions.

He began his real estate career in 1980, after graduating in business from Emory University.   demilly200x200After training with a MAI appraiser for a year, and doing MBA work at Florida State University, he worked for Mottice & Associates as vice president of acquisitions.  Mottice syndicated apartment complexes throughout the southeast.    Mr. de Milly, who worked under the three Ph.Ds who owned the firm, refined his practical knowledge of real estate acquisition and management during his tenure, and ultimately headed up the professional teams comprised of attorneys specializing in real estate, tax law, civil litigation, securities, and landlord-tenant actions.   Other members of these teams included CPAs, property managers, and contractors.

Our core business is built on relationships. We treat everyone with respect. We value the skills and abilities of the people we work with. There is no other way to do business.

 Walter de Milly, Managing Member

In 1982 Mr. de Milly joined forces with his father, a retired banker, to start his own company.  Between 1982 and 1990 Mr. de Milly engaged in over $500 million (in today’s dollars) of properties, from self-storage facilities to shopping centers.

Mr. de Milly has served as a director of a small hotel group, and developed a 14 unit multifamily property near Key West.

Philanthropy and public service has always been important to Mr. de Milly.  In 1988 he donated a small shopping center to Florida A & M University in Tallahassee.   He’s spent time as a victim advocate, and has served on the national board of a nonprofit agency dedicated to the well-being of men who were abused as boys, and served as an advocate for the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (which among all members of the United Nations, only the United States and Sudan have still not ratified).